Tefenni Villas Hotel, the business that served as a poultry farm by the Erkan family between 1985 and 2001; After completing its economic life, it was evaluated as an exemplary "Eco-tourism" project in the Burdur region in 2012, and preliminary studies were initiated in this context and it started to serve in 2015 with its architectural structure carefully considered for the guests to enjoy the alternative holiday experience at the highest level. At the same time, Tefenni City memory within the hotel sheds light on the history with the Tractor and Agriculture Museum. This eco-tourism project, which is the first and an example in the region, has been implemented to ensure the socio-economic development of the local people, to provide material, spiritual, regional and local benefit, and to instill environmental awareness, without commercial concerns.
Recai Yavaş
 We enjoy taking care of all our guests we host in our hotel one-on-one for the comfort of their own homes. The process that begins with the reservation of our guests in our hotel, when the guests stay at the hotel, their visits to the surrounding excursions (Salda lake visit, Lavender trips) and the process until they return to their homes, is carefully guided and followed by our General Coordinator Recai YAVAŞ for your comfort.
 We are a huge family that grows day by day with all our guests who choose us for the understanding of a holiday intertwined with nature, and we would like to thank all our guests, employees and stakeholders here.