Bicycle Touring

Bicycle Route to Tefenni Dam, Barutlusu location (natural spring water) and Bezirgan- 25 Km
This route is suitable for beginners and professionals, available all year.

You can ride this route any day in the week, There's no traffic on this route so it you can enjoy the nature around you. You can organise your private groups or individual tours sou you can catch your breath or have a short gateaway from yur stressful life. You can also camp where you like around this region with your bicycle and your partners. This undiscovered region will contribute for a wonderfull experience.

You will see too many various natural spring water fountains for drinking water and to cool down at Barutlusu-Bezirgan Route, you can also spend a pleasant time and rest in the picnic area at Ölüpınarbaşı.


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