Kibyra or Cibyra also referred to as Cibyra Magna, is an ancient city and an archaeological site in south-west Turkey, near the modern town of Gölisar, 20 km awayf from Tefenni Province. It was the chief city of a district Cibyratis. Strabo says, that the Cibyratae are called descendants of the Lydians, of those who once occupied the Cabalis, but afterwards of the neighbouring Pisidians, who settled here, and removed the town to another position in a strong place, which was about 100 stadia in circuit.
The name Kibyra is not Hellenic before anything else. It is a name belonging to Luvi language which is one of the oldest peoples of Anatolia. In the records of the Amish traveler, Strabon, the Kibyrals say they are Lydians. The city center of Kibyra is on three dominant hills separated by small halves. The hills are the conglomerate of small pebbles that have merged over time and are therefore partly eroded. It is seen that public, civil and religious structures are organized in such a way as to form a certain integrity on this area. The city's political and economic power, which has remained around 405 hectares, has reached its peak from the Hellenistic period to the Roman Empire period. Stadion, Theater and Parliament Building, Agora is a major public building, which stands today in large part.

Kibyra Accommodation and Hotel; Kibyra ancient city is 20 minutes away from the Tefenni Villas
Alison Donnelly :  The ancient city of Kibyra is really very beautiful, especially about the baths and the Agora, The city is about 25 minutes away from Tefenni and expect to new visiters this pristine city in future.

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