Tefenni district was established as a village in the Byzantine era between 500-800 B.C. After the 13th century the Turkmen, Seljuks and the Ottamans ruled over Tefenni.
Caused by a big earthquake in 1882 in the region Tefenni was destroyed and restored near the acient settlement. A few years later, in 1886, the name of the village was changed from "Istefani" into "Tefenni". Tefenni is situated in the southwest of the province Burdur. The altitude is 1200 meters. The western area is entirely wooded. Eşeler is the highest mountain in the area. There a lots of small rivers and streams but because of the hot summers some of them are dry during this period. Because Tefenni situated at the gateway from the Mediterranean- to the Anatolian region, it has warm and dry summers and cold and snowy winters.
The temperatures are stable and can generally range from -5 in wintetime to +36 degrees in summertime.

Barutlusu: At Haraplanli, 5 km from Tefenni, you can find Barutlusu, it is a waterspring with medicinal water that contains light sulfur and bromide with free hydroxyl ions. Barutlusu means gunpowder, because of it's smell. This medicinal water is well known because it can dissolve kidneystones. It has 1.5 hardness and is 18.1 degrees.

There are to many historical sights and artifacts in this region, and believed by many, even more to be discovered that will shed more light on the history of this region, but because of the lack of interest and support of the gouvnerment these are not exhibited for visitors at this moment.

Tefenni is a small friendly town, surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. Due to this ideal location, the summers are hot and the humidity is low. Tefenni is on the route of Antalya to Efez and Izmir. There are beautiful sights such as Pamukkale, Fethiye, Kas, Kalkan, Kibyra Golhisar, Salda lake, Burdur Aglasun Sagalossos, Insuyu cave at a short distance. The friendly and helpful locals will make you feel at home quickly. In the center is a meeting place where you can drink tea at Kocapınar and Barutlusu park,  there is a new playground built for children, Every Wednesday there is a market with local products, fresh vegetables and fruits with affordable prices


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