Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony organizations are now much more than just a wedding ceremony. Your wedding ceremony, which you will organize in the large green garden of Tefenni Villas, will be a unique memory for you and a different organization for your guests. Please

Artistic Events

We host for a wide variety of artistic events such as Painting Workshops, Music groups, Education meetings for the Institution. Apart from art courses for children or adults, we host business events, corporate events, individual celebrations and company t

Yoga Courses

Thinking of combining your nature holiday with Yoga? Isn't just escaping the city enough? Do you want your soul to be refreshed not only with the beauties of nature but also with yoga? With Tefenni Villas, the charming town of Burdur, you will breathe cle

Birthday Event

Birthdays come at the top of the most special days that happen only once a year for every person. As Tefenni Villas hotel, we offer you quality and economical solutions for your wishes and budget regarding birthday decorations and birthday party entertain

Wedding Photography

We know how important you are to your wedding photos, which are the beginning of your marriage, and with this awareness, we welcome many professional wedding photographers for photo and video shooting at our hotel. The hotel is the choice of wedding photo

Bachelorette Parties

In recent years, the "Bachelor Party" organization has become one of the most entertaining organizations. It has been held in very different concepts, especially in recent times. This party, which was held only for men in previous years, has now started t

Film-Clip Shots

As Tefenni Villas, we provide venue supply, long-term accommodation and catering services for TV series, films, short films, clips and artistic works shot in the region. One of the unique beauties of the region, Salda lake, Lavender gardens, the ancient c

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