Our hotel, which is an example in terms of alternative tourism, provides breakfast, lunch and dinner services to hotel guests and guests from outside the hotel with its a la carte restaurant operating within its structure. You can taste the unique flavors

Swimming Pool

There is an outdoor swimming pool and a children's pool serving for you, our valued guests, in our garden, which is located in a peaceful and quiet environment within our hotel. Sun loungers and seating areas are available by the pool. You can enjoy the p

Agriculture Museum

We are opening a door to your memories with the Agricultural Tools and Tractor Museum within the Tefenni Villas Hotel. You can observe the past 100 years of history of the region with the old vital parts, old tractors, daily life materials that keep the T

Mini Zoo

There are various animals such as peacocks, ducks, sheep, and chickens of various breeds in the mini zoo within the hotel. It will provide fun and different experiences for your children who are bored in today's busy city life.


Your children will have a joyful time with the children's playground in the hotel. Unlike the parks in the cities of today's city life, your children can take off their shoes and play on the grass with peace of mind and have a pleasant time in the playgro

Hobby Garden

Tefenni Villas Hobby Garden;You may have heard of the hobby garden. If we need to make a definition for those who are curious about the hobby garden; is to prepare the infrastructure and to grow vegetables and fruits on small pieces of land. Currentl

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